"If there is anything you really want to do, you have to give it a shot. Otherwise you’re going to hold onto it forever and just regret it." - KS ♥
Zoe's trailer.


Connor deleted this hahahah

where did you get those photos of zoe with the black top and white shirt? it's a very recent photos from her meet up thingy lol


I like how a the end of Alfie’s moving in together announcement vlog he asks Zoe how many likes she things the video will get she guesses 90.000 and Alfie is like don’t be crazy it will never get that many!


IT GOT OVER 100.000 in two days!!


racoonicorn said: I’m gonna be a toothbrush thanks for the inspiration

make sure you tweet me pictures with the #halloweenwithalfpacas

After seeing how rude Alfie was to Zoe in his vlog & how giggly he was in his new video with tan.. i think he has developed a crush on Tanya.

what can i be for halloween??

you should be me. 

haha im jk you can be anything. you can be a carrot, a traffic cone, a “you try” star, a chair, a sims character, a broken doll, a pillow, a toothbrush

I kind of wanted to make a new Zoe video because the last Zoe video I did was 2 months ago… the editing and everything was so messy and terrible lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new one. x

😂 Alfies coat is okay, but we keep cramping on his style!

LOL i actually like his style just that coat.


Moving into a new hose, traveling, presenting at teen awards, mingling with Cherly (HOW GORGEOUS SHE IS!) and still putting up the main channel video and daily vlog on time.

Well done Mister!


i really don't like zoe's outfit. the shoes are not looking food on her petite frame and foot. that disco pants are really not on her side in this outfit. only the top is nice. even in her daily life she dresses better than that.

oh really? idk i really like it! i think its cute when people who are small wear giant like.. shoes. like platforms and things. I PERSONALLY like the looks of it :D