Anonymous asked: can you please GIF the end of zoes vlog when they are in bed and she asks him what his fav part of the day was?!

oh i am so tired. I’ll make sure to gif it tomorrow! :)

Anonymous asked: About your college situation: I'm 22, i just graduate from Industrial Design, now i'm doing a mayor in Packaging, I only have 2 month left and I have to said that I hate my life.. I dont like, I only study that beacuse everybody in my family is related with Design .. Now its to late to change my mind, I spend a lot of money on it.... I allways love maths ans science.. so change before its too late..

I’m sorry to hear that :/ 

it’s the opposite for me. i want to do design/art. but i dont really have support from my family on that decision.. so its a bit hard to kind of.. go into this whole college thing by yourself you know? but.. i dont want to be on my death bed regretting doing stuff i didnt like.

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Anonymous asked: What are you studying in college?

Cell biology. Cus my mom wanted me to go into that field and i didnt want her to worried.. so I chose that. (DONT YOU EVER FUCKING DO THAT. STOP LISTENING TO YOUR PARENTS. ITS YOUR CHOICE. ITS YOUR LIFE. ITS GONNA FUCK YOU OVER IF YOU DONT DO WHAT YOU LIKE SO DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON IT)

first, I was like hey ill give it a shot! see if its okay but nope. im stupid and biology and chemistry isn’t my thing. and it ruined my fall quarter! so im changing it this year.

but i still dont know what i want to do tho. im confused and i hate myself. 

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Anonymous asked: You must be so pretty!! Vietamese girls are soooo pretty

nope. I look like a potato. puberty betrayed me.

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Zoe calling Alfie ‘gorgeous’ kills me every time

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Anonymous asked: So you're not english?

im vietnamese. 

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Anonymous asked: Where do you live? What grade are u in?

California and college. 

Anonymous asked: Do you know where I can buy Zoe's iPhone case?

what is her iphone case? hehe i dunno :/

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